With its enthusiasm for high-quality automotive spare parts, intelligent workshop solutions, an unbeatable team and reliable partners, friesenfeld GmbH & Co. KG makes a significant contribution to the independent aftermarket spare parts business with its at autoteile germany brand products.

Long-time friends Andreas Friesen and Thomas Wingenfeld laid the foundation for today’s company with a small office and warehouse in the Oldenburg Technology and Start-up Centre (TGO).

What once began with high-quality spare parts for the air suspension system was expanded with the move in 2015 to the larger warehouse in Rastede to include other products, including from engine management and sensor technology for exhaust gas control.

A high quality standard, precise selection of production sources and a loyal customer and market policy ensured the hoped-for success

So the move in 2023 to the newly built own warehouse with a modern office building was urgently necessary. Spacious offices with ergonomically equipped workstations were created. The warehouse offers expansion potential for new products and ensures high availability for our customers around the world.

The at autoteile germany brand with a 3-year warranty has established itself in the workshop and wholesale trade as a solid and reliable alternative to the original parts business.

Bright rooms and high-quality interior furnishings offer employees not only a nice place to work, but also a feel-good atmosphere during working hours. A modern kitchen with a fruit basket, cappuccino or soft drinks invite to shared meals and small talk, which the management encourages and supports.
Spacious offices with an acoustic concept, individually height-adjustable desks and state-of-the-art equipment make everyday office life a pleasant experience.

Our warehouse

In our company, we offer employees the opportunity to work in daylight as much as possible.  This is ensured by generous glass inserts in the roof and walls. And when it gets dark, we work in a resource-saving way, thanks to an LED system with presence sensors that only illuminate the work areas where the employees are currently located.
Every Jack has his Jill – and with us, every item has the right place. This is how we ensure that even the bulkiest items are stored neatly and safely. An innovative heating system with a heat pump, supported by a PV system on the roof, provides the warmth “in the heart”.


Habitats for insects

Due to the increasing development of green spaces, there is less and less habitat for insects, birds and other animals. Together with the Ammerländer Landvolkverband e.V., we support the initiative of greening the areas with a regional flowering mixture and have made more than 3,000 square metres of green space available for this purpose. Not only pollinating insects benefit from this, but also pheasants and hares find their habitat here.


Our philosophy

We owe our success to our partners. Loyal customer policies and a fair market strategy ensure the success of our partners   

High demands on the quality level of our automotive spare parts, as well as transparent and harmonised pricing, form a reliable basis for mutual success.

We value the personal contact with our business partners and meet their demands and individual challenges.

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High demands on the quality level of our car parts, as well as transparent and harmonised pricing, form a reliable basis for mutual success. We appreciate the personal contact with our business partners and meet your requirements and individual challenges.