Engine Management

In a combustion engine, we summarise all regulation and control processes under the term engine management. Clean ignition and precise mixture formation are only possible if the components involved work cleanly and reliably. at autoteile germany offers a wide range of high-quality components i.e. EGR valves or cylinder head covers. Here too, we supply standardised and vehicle-specific connections for an optimum fit and guaranteed tightness. The at autoteile germany components, include gaskets and necessary screws, as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. We respond to the needs of the workshop and, for example, in the case of breather valves, we put together sets that contain all the necessary parts for the prescribed change.

Articles of the product group

EGR valves

Throttle bodies

Cylinder head covers

Camshaft adjusters

High pressure pumps

Vacuum pumps, brake system

Intake manifold modules, intake manifolds

Valves and hoses, crankcase ventilation

Air hoses, charger intake hoses and radiator hoses

High-pressure/low-pressure lines, air-conditioning system

Leakage and fuel lines

Oil separators

Control units

Boost pressure control valves

Pressure converters, turbocharger / exhaust gas control

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