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Compared to a manual gearbox, an automatic gearbox has a much more complex structure and also consists of numerous channels and moving parts. After a certain number of kilometres or continuous use under load, abrasion occurs on the components, which is transported through the entire transmission system with the transmission oil. The transmission filter, as a suction or pressure filter, catches the particles and stores them in the medium (paper, fleece or glass fibre). The capacity of the medium is used up at some point and filtering is no longer possible. at autoteile germany offers both pressure filters for screwing on or as filter cartridges, as well as suction filters that are located directly in the oil pan housing. Especially in BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, the filters are permanently installed in the transmission oil pan. Here at autoteile germany offers complete sets with matching seal, high-quality and standardised screws, filler funnel etc. Thanks to the included accessories, there is no need to search for the necessary accessories in the workshop. 

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