Air suspension

In order to offer the greatest possible driving comfort, more and more manufacturers are equipping vehicles with air suspension systems at the factory. In addition to comfort, another advantage of air suspension is the constant level control, which always keeps the vehicle at the same height even with heavy loads and thus contributes to safety. The at autoteile germany components are precisely matched to the manufacturer’s specifications. We have several years of experience in air suspension and know what is important.

Unfortunately, many workshops have had bad experiences in the past with shock absorbers and suspension struts with dummies instead of ADS units. We test every single part before it leaves production to ensure functionality and safety. With self-developed test equipment, we can, for example, check the compressors for various functions and present our customers with a detailed result. Based on our many years of experience, we offer installation instructions for workshops, which are supplied with every at autoteile germany product.

The at autoteile germany range of air suspension includes air struts, air springs, shock absorbers, compressors and control valves. We offer you one of the most complete ranges in the air suspension segment, making long searches unnecessary. You receive tested parts from certified production in the usual at autoteile germany quality.

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Air springs, suspension

Air spring struts


Control valves

Valve blocks

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