Sensors and switches

In the age of digitization cars are constructed with more and more electric and sensors to be more safe, comfortable and eco-friendly. Currently the share of electronical car components is already more than 40% and the tendency is still rising. In consciousness of this development we focus on exclusive and special references for passenger cars. More than 400 of these references are sourced from OEM suppliers in original equipment quality, labelled and supplied with the at OEM-Quality-Line sticker.

Products of this product group:

  • NOx Sensors, NOx-Catalyst
  • Sensors, exhaust gas temperature / exhaust pressure
  • Sensors, parking assistant / PDC
  • Sensors, Xenon light (headlight range adjustment)
  • Sensors, fuel pressure / -temperature / -level
  • Switches, window elevator / -seat adjustment / -park break / -sunroof
  • Steering angle sensors
  • Control units
  • Blower resistors